Insights to Combat Today's Evolving Threats
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Here's What You'll Get
Cyber attacks have evolved. The fallout from WannaCry, BlueKeep, NotPetya, SamSam, and others have inspired a new generation of threat actors looking for a quick score.  Now is the time to boost your defenses, shrink the attack surface, and solidify a plan to remediate and respond to breaches and attacks when they happen. 
Skills to Thwart Hackers
Anyone with basic skills, a laptop, and an internet connection poses a threat to your environment. We'll show you proven techniques to make life more difficult for criminals trying to crack into your data.
Resources for a Better Defense
Our sessions are designed to help you detect, track, and protect against cyber attacks. You'll walk away with a game plan to better secure your environment now and in the long-term. 
Elite IT Security Intelligence
Hear from leaders at the biggest names in IT security. From patching insights, to expert advice for total endpoint security—there's something for everyone in this day-long, virtual event. 
Dr Chase Cunningham
Principal Analyst, Forester
Karen Simpson
Principal Product Manager, Microsoft
Karen Simpson
Principal Product Manager, Microsoft
Dr. Chase Cunningham
Principal Analyst, Forrester
Jeff Aboud
Director of Product Marketing, Kenna Security
Chris Kachigian
Sr. Director of Global Solutions Architecture, CrowdStrike
Gina Mahin
CEO, Lynx Technology Partners 
Chris Goettl
Director Product Management, Ivanti
Andrew Homer
VP of Business Development, Morphisec
Peter Green
vCISO Adviser, Sirius Computer Solutions
Phil Richards
CISO, Ivanti
James Wilkinson
CIO, F35, Lockheed Martin
Ryan Layton
CEO, Secuvant
Session 1 Forrester | Dr. Chase Cunningham
Cybersecurity as a Business Enabler
Session 2 Crowdstrike | Chris Kachigan, Sr. Director Solutions Architecture
Adversary Tradecraft and the Importance of Speed to Take Action
Session 3 Morphisec | Andrew Homer, VP of Business Development
A Proactive Prevention Strategy to Reduce Risk
Session 4 Sirius Computer Solutions & Ivanti | Peter Green, vCISO Adviser and Phil Richards, CISO
CISO Panel Discussion: The Current and Future of IT Security Strategy
Session 5 Kenna | Jeff Aboud, Director of Product Marketing for Security
Don't Fix That! Learning to Focus on the Vulnerabilities that Matter Most
Session 6 Lynx & Lockheed Martin | Gina Mahin, CEO and James Wilkinson, CIO F35 Lockheed Martin
Integrated Risk Management = Enterprise Level, Strategic Decision Making
Session 7 Risk-Based Prioritization Panel | Ivanti, Kenna and Morphisec
Risk-Based Prioritization in the Trenches
This Year's Presenters
We're bringing the heat with Forrester, CrowdStrike, Morphisec, and Ivanti just to name a few. Register to take advantage of this rare opportunity to hear from the top IT security leaders from these organizations at absolutely ZERO COST. Best of all, you'll get access to all the sessions, all online, and on-demand, so you never miss a piece of valuable security information.
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